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The employee will be advised in writing of the end date of any period of Shared Parental Leave. The employee is expected to return on the next working day after this date, unless they notify the University otherwise. If the Employee is unable to attend work due to sickness or injury, the University's normal arrangements for sickness absence will apply. In any other case, late return without prior authorisation will be treated as unauthorised absence.

On returning to work after Shared Parental Leave, the employee is normally entitled to return to work to the same position they held before starting Shared Parental Leave on the same terms and conditions of employment.

However, if it is not reasonably practicable for the Employee to return to the same position, they will be offered another suitable and appropriate job on terms and conditions that are not less favourable, but only in the following circumstances:

(a) if the Employee’s Shared Parental Leave and any maternity, paternity or adoption leave they have taken adds up to more than 26 weeks in total (whether or not taken consecutively); or

(b) if the Employee  took Shared Parental Leave consecutively with more than four weeks of ordinary parental leave.

If the Employee wants to change their hours or other working arrangements on return from Shared Parental Leave they should make a request under the Flexible Working Policy. It is helpful if such requests are made as early as possible.

If the Employee decides they do not want to return to work they should give notice of resignation in accordance with their contract.