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Mother: in this document ‘mother’ refers to either the biological mother who gives birth to the child or the primary adopter who is eligible for adoption leave and pay.

Partner: the child’s biological father or the partner of the mother/adopter. This can be spouse, civil partner, or a partner who is living in an enduring relationship with the mother and will have parental responsibility for the child.

Match: when an adopter is approved to adopt a named child/children.

SPL: Shared Parental Leave.

SPL period: the total weeks available as SPL up to the child’s first birthday/anniversary of adoption following the mothers return to work/notice to curtail her maternity leave.

ShPP: Statutory Shared Parental Leave Pay.

EShPP: Enhanced Shared Parental Leave Pay. This is an occupational paid benefit provided by the University to its eligible employees.

SPLIT day: Shared Parental Leave In Touch day. See the University Shared Parental Leave Policy for more details.