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During Shared Parental Leave the contract of employment continues in force. All terms and conditions of the contract continue with the exception of stipend or salary. Continuity of service is maintained, and any standard incremental progression taking place during the Shared Parental Leave will be implemented.

Annual leave accrual

Annual leave entitlement, as stated in the relevant contract of employment, will continue to accrue as normal for the entire period of Shared Parental Leave. All accrued annual leave must be taken within three months of returning to work following Shared Parental Leave.

Effect on sabbatical leave

For academic staff with an entitlement to leave under Statute D,II,5, all terms on Shared Parental Leave are counted as reckonable service for sabbatical leave purposes.

Pension Implications

For members of both the USS and the CPS during any period of paid Shared Parental Leave, pension benefits are accrued as if the member is at work. The following paragraphs give general information about the procedures operating in the two pension schemes available to staff in the University. However this does not cover all individual circumstances and any member of staff who has queries on their pension entitlement should contact the Pensions Office for information.

For members of USS, contributions are maintained in full for any period when the member is in receipt of any pay. The member's contributions during this period are based on their actual income and any shortfall is made up by the University. A member of USS on unpaid leave is treated as being on suspended membership of the scheme and does not receive any service credits. On their return they may, if they wish, buy in this service by paying both employer and employee contributions.

For members of CPS, contributions are paid based on the salary actually received. When a member goes on unpaid leave they cease to accrue service for the period of that leave. On their return they may buy in the missing service, and are required to pay only the employee's contributions.