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If the employee is the child's mother and wants to opt into the Shared Parental Leave scheme, or if the employee is taking adoption leave, and wants to opt into Shared Parental Leave:

  •  they must give the University at least eight weeks' written notice to end their maternity leave or adoption leave via a CHRIS61 (a curtailment notice) before they can take Shared Parental Leave. The notice must state the date their maternity or adoption leave will end. The mother can give the notice before or after they give birth, but they cannot end their maternity leave until at least two weeks after birth.  Similarly, notice can be given before or after adoption starts but at least 2 weeks adoption leave must be taken; and
  •  at the same time as the curtailment notice is given, the employee must also give notice to opt into the Shared Parental Leave scheme (see section 3.3) or a written declaration that the other parent has given their employer an opt-in notice and that the employee has given the necessary declarations in that notice.

The other parent cannot start Shared Parental Leave until the curtailment notice has been given.