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There are three possible outcomes following a SPL application:

A: unconditionally accept a SPL application and leave is granted

As outlined above, an application for continuous leave must be granted, therefore applications for continuous leave should be passed to the relevant HR Schools Team as soon as possible.

If a discontinuous leave application is made that is acceptable to the Institution then it is reasonable to simply grant the leave by passing the application to the relevant HR Schools Team as soon as possible.

The University is required to respond to an application for SPL within 14 days of receipt which is why it is important for Heads of Institution, Institution Administrators and line managers to consider SPL applications as soon as possible and write to the employee agreeing to their leave (template letter b) in addition to forwarding the applications to HR.

B: confirm an agreed modification to a discontinuous leave application

If, when the Head of Institution or Institute Administrator meets with the employee, they are able to agree to an alternate discontinuous leave pattern than the one originally requested, this should be confirmed in writing within 14 days of the original application being received (template letter d).

There is no need for the employee to change their original application as the details of the new pattern should be outlined in the letter. A change to a leave application in these circumstances will not count as an additional application against the three permitted.

The CHRIS75a, CHRIS75b and letter d should then be forwarded to HR.

C: refusal of a discontinuous leave application

If following a meeting to discuss an application for discontinuous leave the Head of Institution, Institution Administrator or line manager does not feel able to agree to the pattern requested they should write to the employee immediately outlining their decision (template letter e). The decision must be given to the employee within 14 days of their application being made.

The decision letter must include:

  • Confirmation of the refusal of the original pattern requested;
  • Any proposed alternate pattern of discontinuous leave for the employee to consider;
  • Information on the default provisions.

The default provisions specify that, unless the employee advises the Head of Institution within 15 days of their initial application that their request is withdrawn, the total amount of leave requested will automatically become a continuous block of SPL starting on the date originally requested. If the employee would like the continuous period to begin on a different date they must inform the Head of Institution within 19 days of their original application. However, the start date cannot be sooner than eight weeks from the date of the original application.